Inspiration for our blog

by Cindi Taylor

The inspiration behind our BLOG. First I want to clarify that I wanted to replace the word "Blog" with "TLOG". However, my husband, our inspector, informed me that "TLOG" is not recognized by the algorithms. So I have decided to go with a title that best fits what I write about. Which is making our old home new again.

Now back to our home and the inspiration for this Blog.

Late 2018 my husband, Jerry and I sold our previous home and purchased our current home in 2019. On a side note, during our transition we actually lived in our RV Camper for about 5 weeks until we could move into our new home. So if you think it cannot be done, it can, it just takes hard work and determination to want to do it. I say this now, however at the time, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. If you've ever sold and purchased a home at the same time, you understand exactly what I mean.

Now our new/current home was built in 1977, so it actually has not seen the real meaning of the word "NEW" for a long time. However, it has "good bones", as they say, and we could see the potential.

This brings me to the inspiration of our BLOG. As we go along bringing our home up to date in all areas (structural/cosmetic), we want to share with you the best economical and safe ways that we choose to do that.

What I hear most from folks when we talk about home projects, is how they would love to do more projects, however, they feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? My advice is always the same, start and focus on one room at a time. I love going to Google and putting in a room size and looking at design images for that particular room (bedroom, kitchen, living room), gives great inspiration. Whatever style that fits you (country, rustic, modern, vintage, farm) "GOOGLE IT" and you will find it.

We hope that you will follow us by adding our website to your favorites list. Check in periodically to see what we have going on in the way of "DIY" projects or what is coming up and best of all, we hope to inspire our readers to do the same in their own homes which is your biggest investment.

Always remember that safety is #1 priority. Only do things that you know you can do, anything outside of that, look to a professional to help get you going.

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